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Med-Legal  | Lien

- Qualified Medical Examiner (QME):


Dr. Hoorfar is a certified QME physician appointed by the State of California

- Experience:

Over 20 years experience in the Personal Injury med-legal field with numerous depositions & Expert Witness Court Appearances

- Medical Lien:

We accept patients  for Evaluation & Treatments on a Medical Lien basis 

- Comprehensive Med-Legal report Includes:

Complete patient History | Mechanism of Injury | Ratable Subjective Findings | Objective Findings

SOAP Notes | Review of Diagnostic Records (Images embedded) | Medical records Review

Diagnosis (ICD-10 codes) | Complete treatment Plan | Prognosis | Apportionment | Future Meds


- Punctual Medical Records Turn-around Time:

Comprehensive Med-Legal Report (including Exams, SOAPS, Diagnostic Reports) are completed in 7 business days and emailed to you with an Itemized Billing in PDF format (encrypted)


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